2 Indian Players not playing in Next IPL Season

IPL 2020 has a lot  time it starting for the next season and theirs a bad news for Mumbai Indians team because two of their players have got serve injury which might result into missing of their IPL 2020 tournament and ultimately this leaves Mumbai in a bad situation.Even we will discuss about some of the solutions that can Mumbai Indians team go for to run out of this situation.

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#1: Hardik Pandya

Hardik Pandya has been injured from Mumbai Indians team and his injuries not on new injury  before also in 2018 he was not able to play some of the cricket matches due to his back injury.After which he had gone to the UK for his treatment and which have taken a lot of time for the recovery of back  injury. 

Hardik Pandya is in good form as we have seen his performance in ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 and all the things were going good before that also.And just around 2-3 days ago it has been reported that Hardik Pandya is not available to play for next 6 month from BCCI. As if he will continue playing ingredient matches with his back injury than his back in the evening at more serious and which may lead to the end of his career in cricket, as these things are very much women cricketers.  no Hardik Pandya is supposed to visit the UK again with his reports and get the respective treatment for his injury.

#2: Jasprit Bhumrah

So the second injured player from Mumbai Indians team is Jaspreet bumrah whose report has been released in just a week ago. he is having a lower back injury, which is usually seen in fast bowlers.  he will not be available for the next 3 months to play according to the BCCI.

Even he would be sent to the UK for his for the treatment and according to the doctors  if it will be a normal injury then female need rest for three months otherwise if a fracture is found in his lower back then this resting period me extend to 6-7 months. 

On the other hand in case get recovered before IPL 2020 then  also busy I will not allow him to play in IPL because World T20. BCCI will not bear the risk for the fast bowler like Jsaprit Bhumrah for  the World T20.

What Will now Mumbai Indians Do ?

Jasprit bumrah and Hardik Pandya was very good players for Mumbai Indians team as we have seen in IPL 2019 where Hardik Pandya if form and jasprit bumrah was having an amazing performance in IPL 2019. Now,  Mumbai Indians have to seek for foreign players in IPL 2020 auction to make a battle squad for IPL.

Loosing Jaspreet bumrah and Hardik Pandya from Mumbai Indians team is not only concern of Mumbai Indians only. but for the whole IPL as we all enjoy  change us with bra and place like Hardik Pandya in Mumbai Indians matches.

2 Indian Players not playing in Next IPL Season

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