3 Reasons Why RCB have won NO any IPL Season in History

Every year RCB team have a Next Level Squad Even then they are not able to win  a Single IPL Tournament Title in last 12 years. So here we will Talk about the top most 3 reasons due to which RCB never won IPL.

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#1: Dependency 

Dependency on particular player is really a short term in normal whereas in The T20 Leagues like IPL it’s matters a lot. Every year we have seen that RCB have a Squad in which the whole team is dependent of Particular players. Last year in IPL 2019 also RCB was dependent on Virat Kohli and AB Develliers. So at the end this thing unbalanced the structure of a Team.

#2: Captaincy

The second main reason behind RCB Not winning any IPL season is the Captaincy. Vettori and Virat Kohli was/is the captain of RCB team from a long time .  Where Vettori was Captain of New Zealand team and Currently Virat Kohli which is Captain of Team India 🇮🇳. But they are unable to maintain the Captaincy like Mumbai Indians and Chennai Super Kings have built.

#3: Auction

The third main reason is the auction strategy of RCB team after 2008. RCB is known for Single High Rated bidding. Which simply mean that RCB team bid on particular players with highest bidding. Like Shivam Dube was Bid at 5 Crores and even once we have seen RCB to bid at Yuvraj Sing with the price of  14 Crores.  Which leads to the lower purse balance to bid the necessary players. And they are even spending a lot on branding

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