Shocking Cheerleader Salary and Fees For IPL 2020

Not only the Player but also the Cheerleaders create a different dynamics for the Ground Audience and also for the T.V Audience.

So many of us may think once in our life that What amount they earn ? Which term gives how much money to them ? Are they also earnings in crores ? So to know all this stay tuned!! & Subscribe to the Updates!

The Beginning & Concept

Theirs a deep connection between Cheerleaders and IPL from the beginning of the IPL in 2008. Whereas their were some controversy related to cheerleader due to which in 2011,12 and 2013 we have seen very less cheerleaders in IPL.

Mostly cheerleaders are to attract the stadium audience. Theirs a lot of people who got attract due the cheerleaders only and this is used as a trick which used early in Europe and Russia, due to which the stadium audience increased gradually. So that’s why they are used to attract more audience and at the end they can make good money from the tickets selling.


From where they came ?

Firstly we have clearly that not only the girls but also the Male cheerleaders are seen in IPL from the last 4 season of the IPL. So this culture is increasingly gradually all over the world, which is also a very good income source for the person interested in dance.

How much they earn ?

They are paid differently According to the teams and their ethnics. Mostly UK cheerleaders are called by the IPL teams and even from USA and Russia. These all are very expensive and are provided and arramged by the international management company.

Fun Fact : The Cheerleaders also get care like the Players get in IPL.

Lets know the Pricing.

The cheerleaders from Russia, UK and USA are provided to all the 6 teams and get roughly 2-3 lakes per month. Which mean that in a 2 months of tournament they are given 5-6 lakhs. Which may seem less to you.

Let’s talk about pricing of Indian cheerleaders. CSK AND RR are seen having Indian cheerleaders they are also given about 1.5 to 2 lakhs per month and in a package of 2 months they got 3-4 lakhs.

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