5 Banned IPL stadiums and Cities for IPL Matches

Almost all Indian cities and international cities want that the IPL mAtch is to host in their Cities or Stadium. Here’s some 5 stadiums where the IPL match is going to be banned in the future and most likely in the IPL matches also.

Before starting the further list of the BAnned IPL stadiums. Let us remind you to share this with your friends and family members so that they could even get updated with the latest IPl  news and other updates.

#1: Sher-E-Kashmir Cricket Stadium, Srinagar

Last year, Srinagar and kashmir’s govt. Stated that they are working fully to make some IPL matches to be hosted in their Stadium whereas not matches were played their in IPL 2019. Whereas this year 2-3 of the IPL match were expected in the Sher-E-Kashmir Stadium before the  dis-implementation of Article 370. Now, in Kashmir there’s a lot of miltary and all are working against terrorism, tthus the police protetction would not be available. Even the audience around that stadium is very less and half of the willing person may not afford the tickets price for the Live IPL matches.

#2: HPCA, Dharamshala 

HPCS is the second stadium where IPL matches would not be held in IPL 2020. Whereas BCCI is willing to host IPL matches in Dharamshala  stadium but the IPl Teams are not willing to do so. As the Maintenance of this stadium goes very much difficult & Costly. Moreover the sitting capacity of the HPCA Stadium is very less as compared to other stadiums.

#3: Captain Roop Singh Stadium,Gwalior

The third stadium where the IPL matches will not be hosted. Even have never been hosted in the past i.e Captain Roop Singh Stadium. This stadium has a problem with the facilities. The Hotel facilities for the players are not good enough. Moreover In summers there is a problem with Water availability of the maintenance of the stadium. 

#4: Cuttack International Stadium

Cuttack is the fourth Stadium where IPL match would not be played just because an incident in last 2-3 years ago. Where India was losing a match and the audience which was sitting in the stadium. leads to Bottle case where the Audience threw bottle on the Ground and Players. So, Now the cuttack Stadium is out from the BCCI’s primary list. No doubt that their is purchasing capacity and also a big Stadium capacity.

#5: Nehru Stadium, Goa

The Next and the Last stadium is the most beautiful stadium in Goa. Whereas there is no cricket. However there is Purchasing capacity and even the Stadium Capacity. but the local people of Goa are much crazy about football instead of Cricket.

So this was our list of 5 BAnned IPL stadiums for IPL 2020. We Would even love to know your own Opinion about our list in the comment section below.

5 Banned IPL stadiums and Cities for IPL Matches

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