5 Worst Flop IPL Captains in History

Their are a lot of Legendary Captains in the History of IPL who took the IPL to the Next Level. But today we will talk about the 5 Flop Unsuccessful Captains in the History of IPL ever came out.

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#1: Kumar Sangakara

If we talk about the Sri Lankan Cricket then the Name of Sangakara will be at the top players along with malinga. Whereas the story of the sangakara in IPL is totally opposite. During his IPL history he had done Captaincy from Kings XI Punjab, Deccan Chargers & Sunrises Hyderabad. 

#IPL Records:

  • Matches: 47
  • Matches Winned: 15
  • Matches Lossed: 30

#2: Mahela Jaywerdene

Mahela also belongs to Sri Lanka and Is a god Player as per Sri Lankan cricket.he had even been Mumbai Indians Coach in his IPL History.He had Performed as a Captain of Kings XI Punjab and Kochi Tuskers Kerela team.

#IPL Records: 

  • Matches: 30
  • Matches Winned: 10
  • Matches Lossed: 19

#3: Sourav Gangauly

Sourav Gangauly is the third unsuccessful IPL Captain ever in the IPL Tournament.Sourav Ganguly is Considered as one of the top 3 Captains from India.whereas the story for himis changed incase of IPL. Sourav Ganguly performed as a Captain of Kolkata Knight Riders and Pune Warriors.

#IPL Records:

  • Matches:42 
  • Matches Won: 17
  • Matches Lossed: 25

#4:  George Bailey

George Bailey is the fourth most unsuccessful captain in the history of the IPL. George Bailey was the Captainof Kings XI Punjab team when he was even a Captain of Aistralian National team. Here, KXIP had chosen him as a Captain for a cool purpose with a lot of Expectations from him as a Captain. Now see the his records as a captain below.

#IPL Records: 

  • Matches: 36
  • Matches Won: 16
  • Matches Lossed: 19

#5: Rahul Dravid

Rahul Dravid is one of the popular names in the top indian players but the same as incase of other captains of the list is unsuccessful in the IPL history.Dravid has performed as the Captains from the Royal Challengers Bangalore as well as Rajasthan Royals team.

#IPL Records:

  • Matches: 48
  • Matches Won: 22
  • Matches Lossed: 26

So this was our list of 5 unsuccessful and flop IPL Captains from all 12 seasons of the IPL tournaments held till now. We would love to know your opinion in the comments section below.

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