BCCI Plans 10 Teams in IPL 2020 instead of 8 Teams

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Straight after the Completion of ICC Cricket World Cup 2019, now BCCI is in its form, according to a recent meeting of BCCI with the topic of IPL 2020, The sources says that BCCI is Planning for 10 Teams to play in IPL 2020 instead of 8 IPL 2020 teams.

Adding 2 more teams to the IPL will increase 2x fun of its viewers. But if you are even having some question related to this in your mind like, Which teams are going to be added in IPL 2020 ?

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Which 2 Teams are Going to Add in IPL ? ( Any two of them )
  • Pune Worriers
  • Ahemdabad
  • Jamshedpur
  • Ranchi
Will these New teams Play in IPL 2020 or IPL 2021 ?

So its a Big Question that will These newly added 10 teams would play in IPL 2020 or in IPL 2021. So if BCCI add these new teams in IPL 2020 then it will be very much difficult for the new teams to even enter the Finals. In IPL 2020 Their is Mini Auction, which will lead to less Option for new teams Whereas in IPL 2021 a Mega Auction will be Their. So BCCI will make those newly added teams to Play in IPL 2021.

About new IPL Teams Fanchise

Adani Group tried to get Ahemadabad franchsie in 2010 but they got failed. Sahara Group owns Pune Worriers in 2011 whereas in 2013 it was excluded from IPL.

So now we are here to see the New craze. How their is increase in the craze of the IPL game by Seeing 10 teams in the IPL instead of 8 teams. Let us Know your opinion also,the comment section only of course their for your people.

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