Confirmed IPL 2020 Auction date in December at kolkata

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Finally BCCI has come from the official IPL 2020 auction date which is going to be held in December this year in Kolkata and in this article love you to introduce with the timing and the factors of  IPL 2020 auction.

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We all were Crazy about IPL 2020 auction date and now  BCCI had officially confirmed auction date which is 19th of December 2019. As per the prediction of Last Post where we have predicted that the IPL 2020 Option will be definitely between 1 to 20 December and their’s also recently had confirm the final date at 19th of December. 

IPL 2020 Auction Venue in Kolkata?

So now let’s talk about the venue of IPL 2020 option which is also confirmed by BCCI and as per our expectation the IPL auction was expected to be held in Delhi or Mumbai where as India’s official confirmation disease in head disclosed that the IPL Auctions will be held in Kolkata. Kolkata is chosen as the  venue for the IPL Mini auction as we all know Delhi Mumbai and Kolkata those cities which have a facility of fastest air streaming, which means it will facilitate BCCI to live broadcast the IPL 2020 auction. In Kolkata ITC or Marriott will be chosen for the IPL 2020 Mini Auction.

What’s Last Date for Trading Window?

The next question of all is that by which date IPL trading window is opened.Official confirmation 14th of November is the last date for the trading of any of the player and after the 14th of November no one will be allowed for drilling of players from one team to another.And  after that player what have to go for IPL auctions only.

What will Team do between 14 november and 19 December?

After that latest about what will happen between the time span of 14th of November and 19th of December. So of course during this time all IPL teams will analyse the list of the player which are shortlist in IPL auctions list which players are registered for the IPL auctions. They will make their analysis for which player are they going to Bid on for the IPL 2020 auctions.

Where Auction Will be Live Streamed?

So now live streaming of this IPL auction will be available on hotstar android and IOS app and even this IPL auction will be live stream on Star Sports channel on your TV cable or operators.

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