Hello friends, if you want to watch IPL 2021 on your mobile phone for free, then I am going to tell you such an application by which you can watch IPL for free. Friends, you must be tired of searching for how to watch IPL for free, but no good way has been found so that you can watch IPL matches in Hindi for free without any subscriptions.

Friends, when you search for the way to watch IPL for free, then you get many such applications in which Fake way is told that you download these applications like Thop TV, GHD Sports etc. But that method is correct, but after having more than one lakh users in these applications, the servers go down, due to which buffering starts and the match gets stuck in the middle.

Today in this article we will tell you a completely new way to watch IPL for free, so stay with the article from start to finish.

First Link Live IPL 2022 – Click Here
The application that I am going to talk about in this article, this application will never be banned nor will its servers be down, no matter how many users come to this application.

Let me tell you a little more among friends that all the matches are coming, you can watch IPL matches absolutely free with the help of this application on your mobile phone.

First Link Live IPL 2022 – Click Here

All the applications that are told to watch IPL for free, they all tell you to download them on Chrome browser, but the application I am going to tell today will be available to you on playstore.

You must know this thing that the application which is found on playstore works 100%.

You have to open playstore in your mobile. After opening you have to search in search wise. Telegram | As soon as you search, an interface will come in front of you. And you have to download this application. Now you will say how the match will be played on Telegram, then you will know the answer at the end of this article. After downloading, you have to open the application, after opening the application, you have to create an account on the application.

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Creating an account on Telegram is very simple
Just like the What’s App account is created, you can create an account here too. After creating an account in Telegram, you have to open Telegram. After this you get the option of search wise. In that you have to search Knowledge DTV. Then friends, you have to click this and join the group.

Friends, after joining Telegram Group, you have to download MX Player in your mobile. MX Player is there in everyone’s phone. If someone’s phone does not have MX Played, then download MX Player. Now you’re done, downloaded Telegram, joined the group, downloaded MX Player

Now you don’t have to do anything, now you just have to wait for the match to start.

Whenever the match starts, such as whether the match is in the afternoon or in the evening, the notification link will come to watch the match on Telegram before the match starts. You have to keep the quality in HD, 3GP,…… and do it in Hindi language. On clicking on the notification link, the option of Open With will come, so you have to open it with MX Player.

In this way friends you can watch live match on Mx Player. Think yourself when the match is played on Mx Player then who can ban this application because this application is coming on playstore and no one can ban Telegram. Friends, you can watch IPL 2021 for free in this way.

IPL start 2022

This time IPL is going to start very soon.  In the previous years, the IPL season was delayed due to Corona.  But this time it has been decided to start the season at the right time.  This time IPL is going to start from March 26.  In which the first match will be played between Chennai Super Kings vs Kolkata Knight Riders from Mumbai (Wankhede).  And the final match will be played on May 29 not only in Ahmedabad, India but in the world’s largest stadium, Narendra Modi Stadium (Motera Stadium).

How to watch IPL for free?

IPL is going to start from 26th March.  In such a situation, everyone has a mind that we should watch IPL but IPL is not shown for free.  Because the money that is spent on the players.  That money is recovered only after showing the match.  If you watch the match on the application, then you get paid for it.  Only then will you be able to enjoy the matches.
  Due to which now we are going to tell you some such apps, websites for this.  Through which you can watch IPL live without spending any money.  There are many such applications.  Through which you will be able to watch all the matches very easily without spending any money.

Some applications in which you will be able to watch IPL live.

1. Hd streamz
2. Thop tv
3. Blue star
4. Telegram
5. Orea tv
6. Facebook
7. P tv
By downloading these applications, you will get to enjoy live IPL for free.
Note – You will not find this application on play store if you want to download any of these.  Then you have to take the help of Google (Chrome) etc.  Through that you will be able to download these easily.

Website that provide live IPL 2022

Important Website – Apart from this, if you want to enjoy live IPL through the website also, then for that you have to turn on the notification of the muftipl.live website.  As soon as the match starts.  In the same way you will get the notification.  And you can also enjoy live IPL by login it.  And apart from this, you will continue to get all the information related to cricket on this website.

Cricketers’ safety through bio-bubble –

Friends, when the IPL season is started due to Corona epidemic, then bio bubble is used to protect the cricketers.  What is a bio bubble? How does it work Keeping in mind the bye bubble in our country, how do cricketers stay safe?  How the infection can be reduced through the Bible? Today we will discuss these things –

 Friends, bio bubble is like social distancing but where in social distancing we follow a distance of 2 yards and talk amongst ourselves, on the other hand in bio bubble we talk to only those people by keeping distance and meeting with whom we  There is only daily meeting.  The ones we know are not coronavirus infected.  The bubble acts like a diamond in a way that if some people are put inside a circle, they cannot come out, that is, those who are inside the circle will remain inside, those who are outside the house will remain outside.  If in this way you cannot come in or out of the circle, then in this way you can call yourself self-locked in relation to coronavirus. 

Disclaimer : We don’t support any kind of piracy or anything against law. We are not providing any facility to download any app that promotes piracy and show paid content for free.


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