IPL 2020 Start Date Announced by BCCI : September

IPL 2020 was Scheduled to be start on 29 March 2020 whereas due to COVID-19 Pandemic IPL 2020 was postponed and IPL 2020 Start Date is now the new huge mystery for the IPL fans which they were eagerly waiting to be announced. IPL 2020 Start date is finally announced by BCCI. IPL is one of the most popular domestic T20 League all over the world.

New IPL 2020 Start Date

IPL 2020 start date was the most mysterious think during the Lockdown and as of 20 May BCCI has announced the new dates of IPL i.e IPL new start date. The New start date is 19 September 2020. The IPL 2020 start date is just announced yet and the new full schedule of IPL 2020 is not yet released BCCI. The new Schedule of the IPL 2020 Will be the new most curious thing for the IPL or Indian Cricket fans. Yet the new IPL 2020 Schedule is enlightened yet and is not to be possibly released by by BCCI in near future.

IPL 2020 start date is now cleared but BCCI is yet not in a condition to released a Schedule because their are a lot of other restrictions by the Govt. Some of the major Restriction are:

  • Foreign Players: as all the international flights are not working yet whereas by 25 May 2020 Domestic flights will be working which gives us a hope that before September month the International Flights will alos be working and by September their is high probability of discovering of a Vaccine for COVID-19.
  • Mass Gathering: Restrictions of mass gathering is also a major problem infront of the BCCI as a large share of the profit raised through IPL is via selling of the IPL Match Tickets. as the are till their so IPL 2020 can’t be hosted. OR BCCI have to host IPL in Empty Stadiums whereas it will result as a big loss to BCCI in many other ways also like Viewership & Adverts.

So final words that the ipl 2020 start date is announced but that IPL 2020 window is a fully clashing with the Window of ICC T20 Cricket World 2020. Its would be really interesting to see if T20 World Cup is postponed or not. Moreover, to see what if both tournaments are hosted at the same time.

IPL 2020 Start Date Announced by BCCI : September

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