IPL Auctions LIVE : Live Updates of Sold, Unsold Players and Bidding Wars

Here’s The LIVE Updates of the IPL 2020 Auctions Which includes all the information about the IPL Auctions Bidding Players Value and IPL Players Sold and Unsold Players of IPL 2020. IPL Auctions LIVE Updates Including The Live Bidding along With The all Bidding wars between Teams for a Single Player.


IPL Auctions will Start @ 3:30 PM, Today ( 19 December 2019 ) at Kolkata.

ICC gives a 2 months long Windows for BCCI to  host IPL tournament so that all the players from all over the world should be available for the IPL tournament and in return BCCI also return a good amount of revenue to ICC for the same and usually BCCI and the IPL tournament in 45 days but this time BCCI has planned to utilise that two months fully and get a tournament which will be a 60 days long tournament and the audience will now  the

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Bidding Wars:

MOst Expensive Players Till Now


Most Expensive Players Till Now:

Auction Player Team 1 Team2 Final Team Won Final Bid Price
Position Auction Player Bid Price
1 Pet Cummins 15.5 Cr.
2 Genn Maxwell 10.75
3 Chriss Morris 10 Cr.
4 Shelder 8.5Cr
5 Nathan Nayer 8.0Cr

Sold Players List:

For LIVE Sold and UnSold Players Sroll and check lIve Commentary

Position Auction Player Bid Price
1 Chriss Morris 10 Cr.

Why IPL Auctions in Kolkata ?

So now let’s talk about the venue of IPL 2020 option which is also confirmed by BCCI and as per our expectation the IPL auction was expected to be held in Delhi or Mumbai where as India’s official confirmation disease in head disclosed that the IPL Auctions will be held in Kolkata . Kolkata is chosen as the  venue for the IPL Mini auction as we all know Delhi Mumbai and Kolkata those cities which have a facility of fastest air streaming, which means it will facilitate BCCI to live broadcast the IPL 2020 auction. In Kolkata ITC or Marriott will be chosen for the IPL 2020 Mini Auction.

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