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So finally before the IPL 2020 of BCCI has released the first update for IPL 2020 schedule. we are going to talk about the first match will be played between Mumbai Indians and  Chennai Super Kings and all the details about the IPL live starting date of the IPL and the date when IPL 2020 tournament will be ended.

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So as we all were aware from our IPL 2020 network that in the next IPL governing meeting after South Africa series the main concern of that meeting was about the IPL 2020 schedule as well as the matches that were held at 3 p.m. during IPL tournament. This year BCCI had  planned that this IPL season will be a 60 days long tournament. 

ICC gives a 2 months long Windows for BCCI to  host IPL tournament so that all the players from all over the world should be available for the IPL tournament and in return BCCI also return a good amount of revenue to ICC for the same and usually BCCI and the IPL tournament in 45 days but this time BCCI has planned to utilise that two months fully and get a tournament which will be a 60 days long tournament and the audience will now  the IPL audience will enjoy for whole 2 months

The first IPL match for the IPL 2020 between Chennai Super Kings and Mumbai Indians will be played on the 1st of April 2020 at the wankhede stadium. this date may fluctuate because it may be possible that on the 1st of April BCCI Mein conduct the opening ceremony of the IPL and then after that on the 2nd or 3rd of April the first match of the IPL tournament will be played so we have these three days on which finally the IPL will be e started with its first match between CSK and MI. 

Let’s talk about the ending of the Indian Premier League 2020 season 13 then according to the reports the last match of the IPL will be played by 30th of May,  so that the window provided by the ICC could not be extended further.Where is last year you have seen that IPL was started in March and around half of the Mat, the IPL tournament rules and and the final match was played between CSK and Mumbai Indians which will be also the openings for the IPL 2020 tournament.

So at the end we would love to say that if you are getting humours about the IPL 2020 schedule releases then be aware of them because BCCI has not officially released any of the  schedule for IPL 2020 where as only the details of the first match and date of the first match has been confirmed by the BCCI.

IPL Schedule Update with First Match Details | IPL Auction |

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