No IPL Live Streaming On Hotstar Due Contract

Recently Hotstar had Ended it’s Associated Sponsorship with IPL and Now the main Question that comes in all the Indian Cricket Love and that is If now IPL Live Streaming will be not shown on Hotstar. We Will tell you all Information and Will Answer all your Question in your mind. And if it will not stream on hotstar then where you can get Live Streaming of IPL?

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#Advantages and Disadvantages to Hotstar Sponsorship?

So, Hotstar was an Associate Sponsor of IPL through BCCI from last 2 years. Associate Sponsor is none other than the Hotstar logos you can see on even IPL ads and Banners and Even in IPL Stadiums, Which would help a Brand you Advertise their products and reach more and more people. 

Disadvantage –  So The Disadvantages to Hotstar for the IPL Sponsor was that, it is now already so popular that all its Sponsors were just like a Wastage of Money for hotstar.

#How much Hotstar Pay for Associate Sponsor?

So, In the last two year Hotstar paid 42 crore of INR each year to IPL through BCCI for being the Associate sponsor of Indian Premier League. Which comes out to be a total of 86 Crore of INR in last two years.

#How This will Affect Indian Premier League?

Ofcourse! If hotstar was paying 42 Crore of INR each year to the BCCi for the IPL Sponsor. Now, by Ending this associate sponsor IPL Would get a Direct affect on financial funding of 42 Crore INR from its Sponsor and Now a Tender bidding for a new Sponsor will be geld for an IPL and a brand will connect to IPL as an Associate Sponsor.

#What about Hotstar’s IPL Live Streaming?

Hotstar is a Sub-brand of Star India and around 2 year ago Star India had paid 16000 Crore of INR to BCCI for Official IPL Live streaming rights for Next 5 years. Star India Still have the rights for IPL Live Streaming and for Sure! The IPL Live Streaming will be 100% sure on Hotstar for IPL 2020.

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No IPL Live Streaming On Hotstar Due Contract

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