Players Released by CSK in IPL Auction 2021

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Straight after the compleletion of IPL 2020, most of us are waiting for IPL 2021 Auction & trading process and ultimately for IPL Tournament. So here we Introduce you with the List of Player Released by CSK in IPL Auction 2021.

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Players Released By CSK :

Sam Billings, David Willey, Mohit Sharma, Dhruv Shorey, Chaitanya Bishoni.

#1: Scott Kulgleginn

Scott Entered in IPL from CSK team last year as he has given an exciellient performance in the England Series which was just before the IPL 2019. He got a chance to play in 2 matches and his performance was balanced. This year CSK is seeking for new foreigner player who has not played in IPL and Will add value in IPL Season 14. According to rules a team can’t bid on more than 8 overseas players in IPL auction Squad so to make a balance to buy new Overseas players, CSK will Release Scott along with some other Players also.

Scott Last year IPL Stats:
  • Matches Played: 02
  • Wickets: 02

#2: Sam Billings

Sam billings came to CSK team in IPL 2017 and he will be one for the Players Released By CSK in IPL Auction 2021. He is a good player enough whereas CSK is unable to set him in the Primary Playing 11 team list. Usually, Overseas player is purchased for the primary playing 11 but as per rules, a team can’t exceed 4 overseas players in match team. So CSK will Release him as he may get a permanent playing 11 sets off in some other team lineup.

Sam Billings Last year IPL stats:
  • Matches Played: 01
  • Runs: 00

#3: David Willey

David Willey may be the third Players Released by CSK in IPL 2021 Auction. David has not even played a single match from Chennai Super Kings team in the last IPL season. He even refused himself after time and left back to his home in Middle of the IPL tournament. As per the analysis, the player that leaves you in the middle and distributes your squad is not required to be in your squad anymore.

David Willey last year IPL Stats:
  • Matches Played: 00
  • Wickets: 00
  • Runs: 00

#4: Mohit Sharma

Mohit Sharma is one of the player that will be released by CSK in IPL Auction 2021. Mohit Sharma is a type of player who have even played from the Indian Cricket team. Mohit Sharma is in the form from 2014 and after that he was even expelled from the Team INDIA. He is no l0onger going be apart of Chennai Super Kings team anymore.

Mohit Sharma Last year IPL Stats:
  • Matches Played: 01
  • Wickets: 01

#5: Karan Sharma

Karan Sharma is also one of the players released by CSK in IPL Auctions 2021. He was good player at the time when he was from Sunrises Hyderabad team whereas after that his performance has gone down, his last good performance was 3-4 years back. So he is defiantly going to be released by Chennai Super kings team.

Karan Sharma Last year IPL Stats:
  • Matches played: 01
  • Wickets: 01

So this was our list of Players Released by Chennai Super Kings in IPL Auction 2021. So what’s your views about our list of these players? Please tell us in the comments section below!! 😍😍

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