5 Worst Flop IPL Captains in History

Their are a lot of Legendary Captains in the History of IPL who took the IPL to the Next Level. But today we will talk about the 5 Flop Unsuccessful Captains in the History of IPL ever came out. So Before staring with the list of 5 unsuccessful captains in the IPl history. Let us… Read More »

5 Banned IPL stadiums and Cities for IPL Matches

Almost all Indian cities and international cities want that the IPL mAtch is to host in their Cities or Stadium. Here’s some 5 stadiums where the IPL match is going to be banned in the future and most likely in the IPL matches also. Before starting the further list of the BAnned IPL stadiums. Let… Read More »

CSK Players List for IPL 2020 – Chennai Super Kings Squad

CSK’s Performance was at a Next level in IPL 2019 as always but in IPL Finals and lossed IPL 2019 by just 1 Single run from Mumbai Indians Team. So here we will inrotduce you with the Chennai Super Kings – CSK Squad team for IPL 2020 along with the Addons and Released Players in… Read More »

KKR Players List for IPL 2020 – Kolkata knight Riders Squad

IPL 2019 With Dinesh karthik As Captain was a full flop But this year the KKR team is here with a full new Squad for IPL 2020 team. So here we will tell you Retained an dAddon Players in KKR team for IPL 2020. Before beginning with the list let us remind you to share… Read More »

MI Players List for IPL 2020 – Mumbai Indians Squad

Mumbai Indians is getting ready for the IPL 2020 Tournament, So here we present players which are a part of condenced and retained Squad of MI along with the players that will be addon to the MI team through Trading or Bidding process for IPL 2020. So before starting with the List of Squad of… Read More »

6 Players Released by DC in IPL 2020 Auction

Cricket fans are crazy for IPL 2020 Tournament but before that there will be IPL auctions and even trading process will be there and here we will Delhi 6 players released by Delhi capitals in IPL 2020 auction. in IPL 2020 auction. So before starting with list of players released by Delhi Capitals, we would… Read More »

Players Released by CSK in IPL Auction 2020

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8 Players Released By MI in IPL Auction 2020

Mumbai Indians is the team which won the IPL 2019 tournament title and here’s before the IPL 2020 MI team is ready with 8 players to release from their team. So here we present you the List of 8 Players Released by MI in IPL Auction 2020. So Before knowing about the Players Released by… Read More »

5 Players Released By KKR Team in IPL 2020 Auction

Cricket fans are eagerly waiting for IPL 2020 tournament but before the tournament, there will be the process of the Trading and Auctions. Here we introduce you with the 5 Players which could be released by Kolkata Knight Riders Team for IPL Auction 2020. Here’s a tip for you all before sharing the List of… Read More »

7 Players Released By RCB Before IPL Auction

Straight after the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019, Now Indian Cricket Lovers are eagerly waiting for IPL 2020 But before IPL Season 13 their will be IPL Auction and Trading Process. Here we present you the 7 Players Released by RCB Team for the IPL 2020 Auction due to their bad performance in IPL season… Read More »